Two Ten Staff

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Shawn Osborne - President & CEO

I’m thrilled to join the Two Ten team and help move the foundation forward. The mission is truly extraordinary. To go to work every day knowing that you and your team can affect positive change in someone’s life is humbling and incredibly inspiring.

Barbara Clement - VP, Marketing & Communications

It's fun learning about legendary "shoepeople" who've championed Two Ten and deeply satisfying to support an industry community that steps up to help its own. That generosity allows us to have direct and immediate impact assisting families in need.

Eva Giorgi - Communications Director

I am proud to be part of an organization with such a rich history of footwear people helping colleagues and providing hope in times of need. I’m excited to tell Two Ten’s story and communicate how we carry out our mission every day.

Kevin Harris - Manager of Development Operations

I find it so gratifying to be part of a team dedicated to providing support for workers in the footwear industry when they need it most. I can log off at the end of every day knowing the work I do has helped ease the burdens of some very real people.

DeAnna Langone - Education Programs Manager

People are my passion, and the success and elevation of our footwear families is something I am grateful for. Our scholarships help students realize their dream of higher education, a game-changing catalyst for their families and communities.

John Meisenbach - Relief Program Grant Manager

I talk directly with the clients and help them in their time of need with counseling and financial aid. I love living in the Boston area, taking advantage of the wonderful community by frequenting the local restaurants and watering holes.

Shanae Pierce – Programs and Administrative Assistant

I didn’t know much about the footwear industry until I joined Two Ten and I’m glad to be a part of the team. It’s fulfilling being a part of an organization that helps their community in a time of need.

Leslie Renner - VP of Development

Leslie brings almost 20 years of nonprofit fundraising experience to Two Ten. Leslie has a bachelor's degree from Purdue University and an MBA from Butler University. She grew up in Indiana, and lives in Brooklyn with her rescue cat.

Clyde W. Sylvia - CFO/COO

Every day, I am amazed by the dedication of our staff and the financial assistance we provide to footwear families, I am grateful for the financial support we receive from our donors and I go home being thankful to be part of this organization.

Ernesto Teixeira - Accounting Associate

With every donation I process and every check I cut, I know we as an organization are helping people in the footwear industry. In my free time, I enjoy traveling up to New Hampshire to hike the White Mountains.

Christina Zierenberg - Relief Program Grant Manager

I love working for an organization that helps individuals through their toughest times. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to be there when a person needs your help the most.

Lisa Tacker - VP Relief Program and Information Technology

Two Ten's mission is personal for me. I grew up in St. Louis MO where my grandmother worked for Brown Shoe Company (now Caleres). She loved making shoes and I love helping people that work in the footwear industry.