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Two Ten Day is Here!

Categories: Two Ten News

February 10th isn’t an ordinary birthday, it’s a birthday celebration for Two Ten Footwear Foundation!

During the entire month of February, we invite organizations to share in the fun and rally with your teams to host a Two Ten Celebration.

You may ask, “how exactly can my company participate?”

Here are a few fun ideas, and we have many more to share:

  • Create and sell candygrams or roses (an early Valentine’s Day gift!) so your coworkers can send to others to express their appreciation
  • Put the boss in “jail” for the day and set an amount needed to raise to bail them out!
  • Hold a company team FitBit Challenge!
  • Host a bake sale or sample sale in support of Two Ten

Interested in learning more?

Contact Kelli-Beth Vecchione at or 781-736-1504