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After three hard years, things were about to get worse…until they didn’t.

Categories: Client Stories

The following is a letter from Sarena, a Two Ten client who was helped in 2018.

While flipping through a trade magazine we get at the store, I came across a full page, Two Ten ad detailing your services. I pulled it out of the book and made copies and hung them around the store. After about a week of looking at them and getting the word out to fellow co-workers, I thought I would contact your foundation for myself.

I applied online and received a call from John the following day. Very gracious, he asked me about my situation and its particulars which included losing my mom, finding out my three-year-old is autistic, and my husband’s loss of his job. After three years of tough times, we were about to be headed for serious problems financially. John was so pleasant to talk to; I felt I really had a friend. As we hung up he said he would give me a call the next day.  That night I was really thinking how wonderful it is that your foundation exists. I have been selling shoes for over nineteen years; I’m only 35. The footwear industry has really shaped who I am.

The next day my dear friend, John called me to offer some much needed financial assistance for my family. I couldn’t believe it!! My eyes filled up and I felt like 100 lbs had been lifted off of my shoulders.  Two Ten lifted my spirits back to where they were when my son was born. It’s been over three years since I’ve felt as happy. We will be forever grateful to each and every person at Two Ten. Especially my new friend, John. I thought we’d lost everything, but Two Ten restored our hope and helped us rebuild our lives.


“There Are Still Good People In This World”

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Finding hope and peace of mind.

Friday, June 7, 2019

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