Back to School. It’s no longer just a kid’s nightmare.

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Back to School. It’s no longer just a kid’s nightmare.

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backpack indexEverything costs more than it did a year ago. Back-to-school expenses (books, clothes, bussing, and supplies) can now cost as much as a month of rent or a car payment. For many footwear families, these “trade-off decisions” are difficult – and typically result in doing without something.

“I couldn’t afford both the rent and all the expenses that come with sending your kids back to school,” said Tanya*, a 34 year old single mother of twins. I couldn’t cover all the costs but there wasn’t anywhere that I could cut back on. My family needs a home; I have to put food on the table; and I can’t get to work without a car. It was an impossible situation because I have a job but still came up short. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make yet as a parent.”

Tanya reached out to Two Ten to help bridge the financial gap. We worked with Tanya to bring her up to date with her rent, so that she could purchase the clothes and supplies her daughters needed to start off the school year.

“Helping footwear families who are facing the unexpected is what we are all about,” said Neal Newman, Two Ten’s President. “Tanya’s girls are off to a good start and hopefully, the next time we hear from them, it will be in pursuit of a Two Ten scholarship

FACTS: According to the 2015 Backpack Index, parents of elementary school children can expect to pay an average of $649 to cover the cost of books, supplies, clothes and activity fees in 2015. This number jumps to $1,402 for high school students and is expected to increase every year.

*Name changed to protect privacy