Shawn Osborne

President & CEO, Two Ten Footwear Foundation

Shawn Osborne has served as President, CEO, and Board Member for both the profit and nonprofit sectors.  Fueled by his growth mindset, Shawn has a proven record for setting bold visions and executing through sound strategy and decisiveness.

Shawn assumed his current role as CEO for Two Ten Footwear Foundation, the U.S. footwear industry’s hardship and crisis relief fund, just three weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

After quickly rallying the Board, key donors and the Two Ten team, Shawn was able to refine the organization’s operations and technology to expedite processing crisis relief applications at 10x the normal rate; implement financial strategies to address the related, multi-million dollar grant budget; and prepare the organization strategically to meet the future needs of an industry forever changed by the pandemic.

Previously Shawn served as the President, CEO and Board member for two industry-leading nonprofits — the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), and TechAmerica.  An internationally recognized education organization, NFTE builds entrepreneurial skills in youth from under-resourced communities.  During his tenure, Shawn drove the organization through a period of transformation and incredible growth.  Shawn also lead TechAmerica, a premier global information and communication technology industry trade association where he orchestrated a successful merger that resulted in the largest trade association in the sector.

Prior to his work with nonprofits, Shawn was President, CEO and Board Member of Ulticom, Inc., a leading telecom technology and systems solutions provider. In this role, he drove significant financial improvements, including transforming the business model from a professional services provider to a global software manufacturer. Shawn took the company public on the NASDAQ, where it was recognized as one the best performing IPO’s that year.

Shawn serves as a member of the Two Ten Board of Directors and is currently a member of the Executive, Nominating, and Strategy Committees.