NST’s $1M Donation to Educate Footwear Families

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NST’s $1M Donation to Educate Footwear Families

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Life just got a little easier for NST members who are trying to navigate the rising costs of a college education.

National Shoe Travelers (NST) looks to improve the well-being of traveling sales representatives who work within the Footwear Industry by partnering with Two Ten to offer higher educational scholarships to not only its members, but to their families as well.

“With a donation of $1M to Two Ten, NST has ensured that the benefit will be available to its members and their families for generations to come,” said Terry Bastis, President of NST.

The scholarship fund will enable a NST member to receive up to $5,000 a year for four years of higher education and will be implemented immediately. Two Ten will administer the fund along with our many other industry-wide scholarship offerings.

Applications are currently being accepted until March 3, 2015, apply today!


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