Not Everything That Happens in Vegas Stays There!

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Not Everything That Happens in Vegas Stays There!

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Vegas -Bubble copyA windfall at the tables in Vegas led to an amazing act of charity that exemplifies a culture of philanthropy expressed by so many companies in the industry.

The final day of Footwear Cares occurred during USRA’s May Event in Las Vegas, bringing together industry retailers and vendors from across the country.  Adam Brown, National Account Manager for Deer Stags and a 14-year veteran of the industry, made the trip from LA to attend.

An inspirational day with USRA lead to eventful night when Adam’s run at the tables won him $1,500.  He could have done anything with that money, but he decided to donate the entire amount to Two Ten.

I always told myself that I would give back to Two Ten,” said Adam. “This was an amazing opportunity to do something meaningful with my winnings, and support regular people in footwear who have fallen on hard times.

Adam’s inspiration to give came from the Deer Stags’ corporate culture that promotes a philanthropic mindset.  “Chalk this up to the whole Deer Stags organization being supportive of Two Ten.  My gift pales in comparison to all they’ve done for years…I’m really just following suit,” said Adam. “Being a part of Deer Stags means you are a part of something greater than yourself.”

Giving back to the shoe business – and to Two-Ten in particular – is important because it allows us to help other people and communities to experience the same happiness we do,” said Danny Muskat, National Sales Manager at Deer Stags.  “We all benefit from our culture of giving back.  If our efforts help to better our industry, by definition that also helps to better our company, our family, and our lives.”