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Beloved Footwear industry leader Stephen Katz passed away on August 4, 2018.

Steve was a member of the Two Ten Footwear Foundation Board of Directors for a number of years. An active fundraiser for the Foundation, Steve was honored with the A.A. Bloom Award in 2005 for his commitment and dedication to supporting Two Ten.

Steve was also a member on the Board of Directors for the World Shoe Association (WSA), one of the industry’s most important and influential, twice-yearly trade shows, and was instrumental in securing 13 endowed WSA Scholarships.

Long-time friend, Robert Ruiz, III, Vice President of Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company, described Steve as a truly unique individual. “He loved the shoe business and cared so much for everyone within it,” said Robert. “I knew Steve for over 26 years and I can honestly say that I never heard him say anything unkind or negative about anyone. He truly saw the goodness in everyone and a silver lining in everything.

“I’ve spoken to so many people about Steve since he passed away and it is so wonderful to hear so many ‘Steve’ stories and to share memories of such a special person. He cared for us all and I am so happy that he knew how much we cared for him too.”

Donations in memory of Stephen Katz can be made by using the form below and will be directed towards Two Ten’s Cancer Care Fund. These gifts will support footwear industry families who are dealing with financial burdens associated with cancer treatment and care.