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We Are Here to Help

At one time or another, most of us will face a personal problem or family care issue that impacts the quality of our home life, relationships, health, or ability to do our best at work. Most of the time, we can work these things out ourselves, but there are times when we could benefit from professional, objective guidance and support.

Through our partner, FEI, we can ensure confidentiality when needed most. We are here to help footwear employees alleviate emotional stress, enhance interpersonal relationships, navigate life transitions and become resilient in the face of traumatic events. FEI Behavioral Health (FEI) is a well-known and respected provider of Employee Assistance and Work-Life Services and, through Two Ten, can provide these FREE services to anyone that works in the footwear industry.

*Anyone 18 or older who works in the footwear industry qualifies to use these services, regardless of your tenure or the last time you received assistance from Two Ten.

To apply for counseling services, answer a few questions and you will be directed to our partner’s website.

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