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Finding hope and peace of mind.

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The following is a letter from a footwear family who was helped by Two Ten in 2019.

To say that your guidance and support to my family during this extremely stressful time is greatly appreciated does not seem to be enough. You have demonstrated kindness, empathy, and a level of determination to get us the help we need which has been truly heartfelt.  When my husband told me about the Two Ten Footwear Foundation, and what you all may be able to do to assist us, my response was… “At this point, anything that they can do to help us will be a Blessing.” And to my pleasant surprise, you surpassed that by actually doing EVERYTHING you could do to assist us!

Not only did you save us from being evicted from our home and bring all of our utility bills current, but you also paid our rent up for the next three months, paid off our automobile insurance for the rest of the year, and covered our utilities for the upcoming month. WOW!! Thank You All So Very Much! 

Ms. Tanya, you have been branded in our hearts Ma’am. It’s not often that you encounter a service worker that comforts and supports you like a family member would…And that’s what you did Ma’am. Thank you for your professionalism and knowledge, but most of all thank you for giving us hope and peace of mind. 

With Gratitude.

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