Types of Educational Opportunities Supported

Two Ten WIFI grants for upskilling and professional development cover tuition and fees for online courses or in-person learning opportunities that will directly support an applicant's career path. The value of a grant will vary but is typically less than $3,000 and is paid directly to the educational institution on your behalf. Some grant recipients may also qualify for stipends to help cover the cost of childcare or eldercare while studying. Please note: this program is currently open only to women in footwear.

"I love my job and I think with the right skills I can continue to work my way up in this company."

Online Learning

Need to level up your skills to feel more confident in your current job? Online learning can be a great way to build strength in critical areas. You'll have the flexibility to fit studying into a busy schedule and complete assignments wherever it's most convenient for you. Two Ten's upskilling & professional development program offers access to a wide range of online courses offered through educational partners such as EdEx and SHRM.

"I'm confident I have the skills I need, but this course exposed me to a whole new side of the business."

Classes, Workshops & Boot Camps

In-person training and development opportunities are a chance to connect with colleagues and do some networking while you learn. Two Ten's upskilling and professional development program has helped footwear employees access day-long and week-long workshops, boot camps and short intensive training courses offered by a variety of professional societies and educational groups, from Arsutoria to the Project Management Institute.

Popular Courses

Applicants may request support for a wide variety of upskilling and professional development opportunities. Some of the most popular choices among recent grant recipients include specialized training from Arsutoria, Pensole, and SHRM as well as online learning via the EdEx platform.

SHRM Certification Programs

SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)

SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

HRCI Learning Center Certification Programs

Knowledge Certifications, Professional Certifications, and Strategic Certifications

Arsutoria Training in Footwear Design/Production

5-Day Footwear Workshop in Boston, MA (Note: we welcome applications for grants to cover the cost of attending this training but seats are limited so we suggest you apply and confirm acceptance in the course with Arsutoria first before applying for a Two Ten grant)

How Shoes are Made: Mens (On Demand)

How Shoes are Made: Womens (On Demand)

How Shoes are Made: Sneakers (On Demand)

SOLEcial Studies Community Academy Workshops

IP Science: A Brand Elevation and Protection Masterclass in Los Angeles, CA

Berkeley ExecEd Online Courses

Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications

IAPP Training and Certifications

AI Governance and Privacy Program Management Training

EdEx Online Courses

The EdEx course catalog is extensive and new opportunities are added regularly, so we highly recommend exploring what is offered in your area of interest. Here are a few suggested courses you may want to check out. These are pre-approved by Two Ten.

Project/Process Management

Introduction to Project Management - University of Adelaide (18 hours)

Sustainable Supply Chains and Circularity - ISCEA (32 hours)

Retail Fundamentals - Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (20 hours)

The Program Manager: Applying Power Skills and Digital Enablers to Create Continual Change - University of Maryland (12 hours)


Introduction to Cloud Computing - IBM (16 hours)

Introduction to Management Information Systems - Universidad de Madrid (24 hourss)

Understanding Technology - Harvard University (36 hours)

Computer Science for Business Professionals - Harvard University (36 hours)

Excel for Beginners - Davidson College (20 hours)


Customer Relationship Management - Indian Institute of Management (30 hours)

Leadership in the Digital Age - Tecnológico de Monterrey (32 hours)

Demand Management in a Demand Driven Supply Chain - International Supply Chain Education Alliance (32 hours)

Introduction to Human Resources (HR) Leadership - Stellenbosch University (16 hours)


Business Communications Basics - Doane University (32 hours)

Effective Communication for Today's Leader - Tecnológico de Monterrey (32 hours)

Communication Skills and Teamwork - Fullbridge (12 hours)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Workplace - Stellenbosch University (16 hours)

Reputation Management in a Digital World - Curtin University (24 hours)

Courses Offered in Spanish

Introducción al Office 365 (21 hours)

Excel fundamentos y yerramientas (32 hours)

Introducción a la gestión de proyectos siguiendo la metodología del PMI (25 hours)