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Because Footwear Cares

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For eight decades, Two Ten Footwear Foundation has been providing emergency financial assistance to US footwear employees and their families who are in crisis, ensuring a healthy future for the next generation of the footwear community and upholding our industry’s long-standing commitment to take care of each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many of our footwear colleagues and their families that Two Ten is experiencing an increase of 10X the average number of emergency financial assistance applications. This unprecedented rate has resulted in unprecedented need, and Two Ten will require upwards of $3 million over the next few months to help footwear industry employees who are facing lay-offs, furloughs or a dramatic decrease in household income.

Two Ten was built for this. While the extraordinary demand is unlike anything the Foundation has ever experienced, its 80-year legacy is about supporting each other and restoring hope no matter what the size or scale.

Over the past three weeks, the footwear community has rallied around Two Ten and stepped up to help. In addition to cash donations, companies are contributing unwanted inventory that can be monetized, with the proceeds immediately converted to critical funds to assist footwear employees in crisis. Two Ten COVID-19 Share Your Shoes Campaign is designed to support an emergency relief effort for footwear families who urgently need financial help.

From the original pass-the-hat collection of a few dollars to help one footwear worker and his family avoid eviction from their apartment in 1939, to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Two Ten remains committed to improving the lives and careers of footwear employees across the country. Because footwear cares.