Two Ten Staff

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The Two Ten Team

Shawn Osborne - President & CEO

I’m thrilled to join the Two Ten team and help move the foundation forward. The mission is truly extraordinary. To go to work every day knowing that you and your team can affect positive change in someone’s life is humbling and incredibly inspiring.

Diana Burnell - Director of Marketing & Digital Communications

Mary Hehir - Executive Assistant

Working at Two Ten for 19 years and being a super fan of the New England Patriots, proves that I run with winning teams. I proudly claim the title of Quasi Two Ten Historian. I love my husband, my family, my work, and anything ‘jelly filled’.

Stacie Finnegan - Managing Director of Advancement

The legacy of Two Ten’s founders lives on in our donors and their passion to support families in need. I am proud to work with all of our donors to craft long-lasting and meaningful relationships to support Two Ten.

Lucas Goren

Marketing & Special Events Coordinator

Joe Ingram - Sr. Manager, Creative & Digital Communications

I enjoy obsessing over new ways of creating content that's absurdly useful and effective in expanding Two Ten’s reach. Loves learning anything but usually focused on cycling, fatherhood, and dinner. Not in that order.

Jenny Lamott - Associate Director of Development

I strengthen both corporate and individual relationships with the Two Ten Footwear Foundation. Outside of work, I love ocean swims, runs on the beach or just relaxing with my toes in the sand and a drink in hand.

John Meisenbach - Intake Specialist

I talk directly with the clients and help them in their time of need with counseling and financial aid. I love living in the Boston area, taking advantage of the wonderful community by frequenting the local restaurants and watering holes.

Terri Rawson - Chief Marketing & Development Officer

Bringing together my footwear industry experience with my passion for affecting positive change makes Two Ten a dream job! Outside of work I obsess over my two daughters, rescue dog, spin class, a good red blend, & being with family in Lake Tahoe.

Tanya Robinson - Intake Specialist

I speak with clients on a daily basis providing financial assistance, counseling, and resources during their time of need. I am passionate about helping others and believe laughter should be a major component to everyone’s day.

Clyde W. Sylvia - CFO/COO

Every day, I am amazed by the dedication of our staff and the financial assistance we provide to footwear families, I am grateful for the financial support we receive from our donors and I go home being thankful to be part of this organization.

Ernesto Teixeira - Accounting Associate

With every donation I process and every check I cut, I know we as an organization are helping people in the footwear industry. In my free time, I enjoy traveling up to New Hampshire to hike the White Mountains.

Chrissy Tacker - Program Assistance/Office Manager

I love working for an organization that helps individuals through their toughest times. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to be there when a person needs your help the most.

Lisa Tacker - Director of IT and CRM Systems Specialist

The thing I love about my career is that I am always working for a cause. Two Ten is especially special to me. Although I live in Massachusetts now, I’m from St. Louis, MO where my grandmother worked for what was then Brown Shoe Company.

Jestina Walcott - Director of Social Services

I’ve always had an interest in helping to create programs and policies that assist underserved populations. My desire to make a direct impact and provide people with the tools to create positive long term life changes has brought me to Two Ten.