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About Us

Our mission at Two Ten is to bring hope and opportunity to the people of footwear.

What We Do

Two Ten helps American footwear employees rise from hardship or crisis and find opportunity. We offer emergency financial assistance when footwear families face extraordinary need due to a crisis or disaster. We provide access to free and confidential financial, legal, mental health, and substance abuse counseling at any time. We award college scholarships to footwear employees and their children. And we invest in workforce development programs to help industry employees upskill, obtain professional certifications, or complete personal and professional development training to advance their careers. Our work focuses on enhancing the wellbeing of the footwear community. 


Two Ten by the Numbers

$16.4 million

In just the past five years, Two Ten provided more than $16.4 million in emergency relief to footwear families experiencing hardship or disaster.

48 hours

Two Ten provides emergency financial assistance for individuals in the footwear industry. We respond to every call or online application within 48 hours.

$27 million

Two Ten has awarded more than $27 million in college scholarships to footwear employees and their children since 1969.

Behind the numbers are hundreds of stories about the lives Two Ten has impacted. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you.