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About Us

From our single, pass-the-hat collection of a few dollars to help one footwear worker and his family avoid eviction from their apartment in 1939, to the $1.4 million in emergency financial support that prevented 610 evictions, kept the heat and lights on for 161 footwear families, and much more in 2021 — Two Ten is committed to improving the lives of footwear employees in crisis.

What We Do

Two Ten provides emergency financial assistance, natural disaster recovery, educational scholarships, counseling services and professional development programs that improve the lives and careers of the country’s 330,000 footwear employees and their families.

The only industry-centric foundation in the country, Two Ten brings the footwear community together to support each other during times of crisis and ensure a bright future for the industry’s workforce

Two Ten by the Numbers

$1,442,371 million

In 2021, Two Ten provided more than $1.4 million in financial assistance to footwear employees in need.

48 hours

Two Ten provides emergency financial assistance for individuals in the footwear industry. We respond to every call or online application within 48 hours.

$27 million to 6,454 students

Since the scholarship program was started in 1969, Two Ten has made it possible for 6,454 students to go to college. We have given over $27 million in scholarships in that time.

Behind the numbers are hundreds of stories about the lives Two Ten has impacted. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you.