5 things to do before college.

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5 things to do before college.

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Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating. With a little over a month left in the summer, we would like to provide some wisdom to the 300 students starting school this fall on a Two Ten Scholarship.

Read the news every day.

get the news

No one cares about your high school football championship game or fun facts about your home town. Professors will refer to current events in the classroom, and the whole point of a dorm common room is to discuss presidential campaigns and the way legalizing marijuana will impact the economy. You don’t want to be left behind. Here’s a great list of news apps to chose from.

Learn to do laundry.

learn to do laundryNo need to separate colors yet, it’s a conspiracy anyways. It is, however, important to learn how to use a coin-operated washer/dryer. Because although jeans can be worn 12 times without a wash, underwear most certainly cannot.

Get a credit card, but rarely use it.

A credit card is an easy way to build credit, and an even easier way to damage it. Interest rates and spending limits are concealed in the fine print, and it is easy to lose track of monthly payments when you’re focusing on finals or your best beer mile time, and this severely damages your credit. Research the best credit cards for college students, and tuck it away, using it only for the bare minimum purchases…and pay it off immediately.

Create an exercise routine.

exerciseIt takes 66 days to create a habit, and only 48 hours to break one. Create a work-out regiment the summer before college so you can transfer it into your school schedule. It is difficult to start a regiment once enrolled because you haven’t allotted the extra time. Although the cafeteria food will strengthen your stomach after a week of typhoid like symptoms, it is the mother of the freshman 15, so counter it with a healthy utilization of your free gym.

Reach out to your future roommate.

It is a bizarre phenomenon that we bunk strange people together in a broom closet that even Harry Potter would find claustrophobic. Nonetheless, it is a continuing tradition and one to embrace head-on. The amount of social media platforms in which you can stalk and talk to your new roommate is plentiful, and it’s a good idea to reach out and introduce yourself ahead of time. When your snapchat filters start to go from Beach Chic to Pumpkin flavored everything, it’s time to prepare for the year ahead.