Young Professionals for 210 Engage and Give Back

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Young Professionals for 210 Engage and Give Back

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YP210’s powerful network of young footwear professionals have been coming together each month to network with others in the industry and give back to the communities in which they live and work.  These opportunities are helping to shape careers and strengthen the future of footwear philanthropy.

New York “Meet Ups” have given YPs the ability to connect with peers and leaders from all aspects of the industry and are proving to be a great way to network and share a drink after work.  The next NYC Meet Up will be on March 13th at Suite 36 in Manhattan.   Click here to register!

Boston based YPphotos have been volunteering twice a month at The West End House Boys and Girls Club to inspire young “sneaker heads” interested in learning about the details of shoe design and construction.  Footwear designers from Clarks, New Balance and Mesh 01 have started a “Shoe School” to introduce the basics of design inspiration, materials selection and sneaker construction.  The class is filled with young kids who love sneakers and have an amazing ability to inject imagination into the art of design.

If you would like to learn more about YP210 and the many activities being offered, go to /news-and-events/upcoming-events.aspx  or contact Joe Ingram at

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