WIFI Thanks Brittany Moeller!

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WIFI Thanks Brittany Moeller!

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If you’re lucky, you will have the opportunity to work with passionate individuals; those people who know instinctively what makes “things” better. Brittany Moeller is one of those people.

Brittany became WIFI Columbus co-chair in 2011 and since her first day has played a critical role in building WIFI Columbus chapter event attendance, creating interesting content and fun outings for the group. Along with co-chair Angie Kenney of BBC International, Brittany  executed events on various topics such as negotiations, networking, partnerships for success and many more. Brittany also played an integral role as a part of the WIFI Board as a representative of the Columbus chapter.

Angie Kenney on left and Brittany Moeller on right
WIFI Columbus Co-Chairs: Angie Kenney on left and Brittany Moeller on right

It is with mixed emotions that I’m sharing that Brittany will be stepping down from her role of co-chair of the WIFI Columbus Chapter. She is moving out of state with her family to take on a new, exciting role at Off Broadway.

“It was great pleasure working with Brittany these past few years! I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in helping build the WIFI Columbus chapter. She will be missed not only by me but I know by the entire Columbus WIFI group.  We wish Brittany the best in her job!” said fellow WIFI Co-Chair Angie Kenney.

Thank you, Brittany, for your dedication to women in our industry!

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