WIFI NYC: Mariela Dabbah

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WIFI NYC: Mariela Dabbah

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WIFI hosted author, Mariela Dabbah at the Marriott Marquis in NYC. Mariela spoke about predeterminations that affect our belief system and behavior – and often live in language. We create stories about ourselves and others and are constantly using language in our thoughts, even if we aren’t speaking. In order to assess these predispositions we must first determine what they are and give ourselves permission to change them. Mariela encouraged the group to create statements such as “I give myself permission to relax” “I can change anything that I put my mind to.”

IMG_0725Other notable advice included:
• Discover your own style and support other women in discovering theirs.
• Add diversity to your network.
• Learn the difference between a sponsor, adviser, mentor, coach and advocate.

To learn more about the Red Shoe Movement supporting women in business, click here.

This event was sponsored by Farylrobin.

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