WIFI Impact Awards

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WIFI Impact Awards

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Over 150 shoe people came together during the FN PLATFORM show in Las Vegas last week at the first annual WIFI Impact awards, designed to celebrate the accomplishments of three outstanding women in the footwear industry. The awards were presented by Carol Baiocchi, industry veteran and Co-Founder of WIFI, and Diane Sullivan, President and Chairman of Caleres and Co-Founder of WIFI. Following are highlights from the award recipient’s remarks.

WIFI Leadership Award Recipient
Kathy Kartalis, SVP Global Product, Skechers
“To be a good leader, you have to be able to give CPR to your people:  Care, Protect and Reward. You have to care about the well being of your people and make sure they are trained and they can fulfill their potential. You have to protect them if they make a mistake and help them to learn from it.  And you have to reward them, even if it’s just a simple ‘job well done’ at the end of the day when they excel.”  – Kathy Kartalis

WIFI Advancement Award Recipient
Tsering Namgyal, President, Chinese Laundry
“To all of you;  there are many people who would help you. Just reach out. Just reach out because there are plenty of people who would support you if you just ask.”  – Tsering Namgyal

WIFI Community Award Recipient
Carol Goodhue, Co-Chair, WIFI Mentoring Program
“We can learn so much from our mentees. They are the lifeblood of what our community will be as we move forward. By investing in them, we are investing in our industry.”  – Carol Goodhue

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