What Advice Would You Give a College Freshman?

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What Advice Would You Give a College Freshman?

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New Start wooden sign with a beach on backgroundIt won’t be long before the next class of college freshman across the country hug their family and friends for the last time before beginning the next chapter of their lives. Those of us fortunate enough to have attended know all too well how transitioning can be difficult.

With nearly $870,000 in Two Ten scholarship checks heading out the door this week, we are challenging the footwear community to share some insight, stories or words of encouragement to our next class of scholars. In other words, what advice would you give your college freshman self?

Attendees at recent Two Ten events were eager to provide some advice to new Two Ten scholars. From our recent WIFI Boston event, participants shared the following tips:

  1. Take it slow.
    It takes some time to adjust to your new life as a college student. Give yourself time to make friends and get involved. Don’t expect that everything will be settled within your first week.
  2. Get involved.
    Keep your eyes and heart open for everything and anything.
  3. Remember why you’re at school.
    Being on your own for the first time will provide many exciting opportunities, but remember your priorities. Focus on your studies and homework first and explore in your free time

Do you want to send some of words of wisdom to a Two Ten scholar? Leave it in the comments section and we’ll make sure they get it.

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