We are thankful.

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We are thankful.

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Thanksgiving TurkeyAs the holiday season approaches, many of us give thanks for what we have. But for some, the added stress and financial burdens associated with this time of year brings heartache instead of joy.

Over the next few months, the phones at Two Ten will ring louder and more often. Aside from the holidays themselves, the onset of colder weather, increasing utility costs and the unrelenting rise in food prices will result in many shoepeople being forced to face some very difficult trade-off decisions.

Like Doug*, an 18-year footwear veteran, forced to take unpaid leave to care for his hospitalized child. Money could only be stretched so far and if he paid for rent and groceries, he would have had to forego his car payment and utility bills. Thankfully, Doug works in a compassionate industry and your donations enabled him to make ends meet during one of the most difficult times in his life.

At Two Ten, we’ll also be taking time to give thanks to you, our supporters. Your gifts have made such a difference for the emergency relief funds, which go directly to families in crisis; the scholarships, which continue to benefit young shoe people well into the future; the Women in Footwear Industry (WIFI) program; and your participation and support of the Footwear Cares program. You should feel wonderful about how much you have helped footwear families.

I’m thankful for you this year. And so are the 2,287 callers who reached out to us for help, and the hundreds more who will need help in this season of caring.

Warm wishes for the season,

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Neal Newman, President

P.S. As you sit down with your family and friends this season, please remember the shoe people facing eviction, shutoff of heat, hot water, or electricity, or another seemingly intractable problem. You can help.
Please make a gift today.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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