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Unprecedented times, unprecedented need.

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We are not just an industry, we are a community.

Our 80-year legacy is to take care of each other, especially in hard times.

Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Two Ten is experiencing 10X the number of emergency financial assistance applications since the beginning of March and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. This dramatic surge will require upwards of $3 million to meet the needs of footwear industry employees.

Two Ten is always here to help you, especially during this current crisis.

Whether you’re currently employed in footwear or recently lost your job in footwear, we can help you.

We are anticipating an unprecedented need unlike anything our Foundation has ever experienced, but our industry is rallying around the cause. In addition to cash donations, companies are donating footwear that can be monetized, and the proceeds will be given back to industry employees in crisis.

You can also help your industry colleagues directly with a donation to Two Ten – every dollar makes a difference.