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Two Ten College Toolkit

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Two Ten has prepared a toolkit to help you through your year. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, you will benefit from these tips and resources.

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  • Get a planner. Plot out your classes right away so you can see your free time for studying and activities.
  • Get your books on Amazon. They will be exponentially cheaper than in your campus bookstore.
  • Don’t skip your classes. If the academics are enough motivation, think of it this way- you’re paying for each class, don’t waste that money.
  • Find a place to study that is not your room. Your body associates rooms to activities. You want your bedroom to be a place to relax and sleep.
  • Be prepared to feel overwhelmed. Everyone else feels the same way, you’re not alone. Stay organized, work hard, and you will succeed.


  • Keep your door open when you’re in your room as much as possible. It’s the best way to socialize early on.
  • Join a club or team! Your school will offer so many activities, check them out! Now is the time to explore and reinvent yourself.
  • You pay for the gym, check it out. Staying healthy is important, and you’d be surprised what interesting things may exist in there.
  • Check out your new city. Once you’re settled, take a Saturday, a new friend, and explore!


  • Take a class outside your major. Now is the time to see what else is out there, and expand your knowledge and interests.
  • Declare your major, but don’t panic. You need to declare by the end of this year, but remember, you can change it, you aren’t bound for the rest of your academic career.
  • Find a place to study that is not your room. Your body associates rooms to activities. You want your bedroom to be a place to relax and sleep.
  • Take advantage of office hours. The professors are there to answer your questions and enjoy the flattery of you showing up.
  • Start looking for internships or jobs in your department at school. It’s time to get experience as well as build relationships with department heads.


  • Check out free stuff! Schools are constantly throwing events that can include things from free food to free movies. There’s nothing more exhilarating than catching a t-shirt from a gun whilst eating free pizza.
  • You pay for the gym, check it out. Staying healthy is important, and you’d be surprised what interesting things may exist in there.
  • Continue to explore new teams and clubs on campus. There are activities you might have never heard of, that you may fall in love with.
  • Make sure to get outside! Vitamin D is very important for your mental and physical health.
  • Go away for a weekend! Whether it be to a friend’s house or a cheap Airbnb somewhere, it’s exciting to go away on an adventure!


  • Consider studying abroad. At this point in your college career, you’re comfortable at your home university. Why not step out of your comfort zone again! This time, aim a little further from home.
  • Get an internship that is related to what you want to do! The only way to find out the nitty gritty details about the industry you want to work in is to actually try it out. Plus an internship will be an excellent addition to your resume.
  • Participate in class! Professors are much more willing to help you through those difficult assignments if they know that you are actively trying. You can also list professors as references when you apply for jobs!
  • Don’t bring your laptop to class. If you are the type of person who is easily distracted by Facebook and Buzzfeed quizzes during class, leave the laptop behind. You will save yourself endless studying hours if you actually pay attention in class.
  • If you have an extra credit that you are already paying for, take a one credit class. Most schools offer both practical one credit classes, such as an excel certification class, or fun classes, like Yoga. You might as well take advantage of that credit, whether to stay in shape or to enhance your technical skills!


  • Volunteer! There are numerous volunteering opportunities on any given campus. If you’re feeling stressed or you need to escape your chaotic dorm building, take a few hours to help out someone else. You’ll return feeling refreshed and good about your efforts. Two Ten offers volunteer opportunities across the country!
  • Plan a night in! A movie night, a game night, whatever you wish. It will give you something to look forward to throughout the week.
  • Add something active to your weekly schedule. Whether it’s a boxing class or a hiking club, devote a specific time every week to get moving. That way, if your gym plans fall through you’ll have at least one healthy commitment.
  • Never stop trying new clubs. You may feel like your time at school is running out, but you’re technically only halfway done. Don’t think that it’s too late to find something you’re passionate about.
  • Go to school sporting events. Take advantage of any opportunity you can get to surround yourself with your peers. They are experiencing many of the same things that you are, so it’s nice to come together for campus-wide events such as sports games.


  • Utilize your school’s career center. Not only can they help you write your resume and cover letter, but they can connect you with potential employers relevant to your specific major!
  • Clean up your social media. Now is the time to make sure that your Facebook doesn’t feature anything that you wouldn’t want your boss to see. Do a Google search of yourself so that you know exactly what an employer would or wouldn’t find
  • Study alone first. Don’t sit next to your friends while taking that first stab at memorizing information or writing a paper. You will be much more efficient on your own.
  • Talk to your academic advisor. Triple check that you are taking all of the required courses and credits that you need to graduate. Do this sooner rather than later.
  • Break down large assignments. Your senior year is full of lots of seemingly huge projects. If your professor gives you something daunting, break the work down into parts before taking a stab at it or putting it off until the very last minute.


  • Make a bucket list of everything you want to do at school before you graduate. Challenge your friends to tackle it with you during your final year together.
  • Take on leadership roles wherever possible. At this point in your college career, you are knowledgeable enough to make decisions for your club or even the other residents in your dorm building. Develop your people skills by taking on a critical role.
  • Befriend underclassmen! Lend a helping hand to the freshmen in your classes and clubs. Not only will they benefit from your wisdom as a senior, but they will also be the people you will look forward to visiting when you go back to your school as an alumnus.
  • Enjoy all of those college student discounts and special offers through your school. Pretty soon, you won’t have access to cheap food, discounted movie tickets, free merchandise and whatever else your school entitles you to. Take full advantage of these deals while you can!
  • Live in the present! While you will be graduating soon, don’t get too caught up in the details of your post-grad life. Remember to enjoy the now and have fun while you are still a student!

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