Shopping to Support Women in Footwear

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Shopping to Support Women in Footwear

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Looking to refresh your closet? Union & Fifth is a high end online consignment shop that raises money for non-profits by selling gently-used designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you choose to donate clothing to Union & Fifth, you can then choose Two Ten as beneficiary of the proceeds from purchases of your items.

In order to build awareness of Two Ten and Union & Fifth, Two Ten board member Tracey McLeod and Polly Ribatt, wife of board member Gregg Ribatt, recently hosted a party in Brookline, Mass., for local members of the shoe industry. Pamela Trefler, Co-Founder of Union & Fifth, also attended, explaining how easy it is to support Two Ten in a unique way: by shopping from the online store, or by donating clothes, shoes and accessories from your closet – or both!

Currently, the Two Ten Union & Fifth online store has over 70 items including shoes, skirts, dresses and handbags, all ready for purchase. What could be better than supporting Two Ten while having fun shopping? 75% of proceeds from the sales go directly back to Two Ten, and since Union & Fifth is also a 501(c)3 non-profit, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

To donate or shop simply visit If you have questions please contact Amy Capofreddi at