Shoe Carnival Shows Footwear Cares

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Shoe Carnival Shows Footwear Cares

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With over 600 hours already logged this spring, Shoe Carnival is setting the standard for Footwear Cares and its original purpose: to unite the footwear industry through volunteerism and make an impact on the communities in which we work.

Volunteers from Shoe Carnival have helped 20 families over the past four years through their partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This year they broke ground on the 100th house in Evansville, Indiana – a three bedroom, two bath home for a single mother of triplets.

 “We’ve had over 75 volunteers from Shoe Carnival come out to help this year, and I think part of it comes from them hearing about how much fun we have!” – Tom Vernarsky, Men’s Shoe Buyer for Shoe Carnival

Fun wasn’t the only factor, however, as the Shoe Carnival team was joined by Timberland and Timberland Pro employees looking to give back and strengthen lasting relationships. “Shoe Carnival is one of my accounts going forward, so it’s a great opportunity to connect and serve at the same time,” said Tim W., a global steward for Timberland Pro. Building relationships in a less traditional way seemed to be a common theme among the volunteers. “I think it shows the partnership within the footwear industry between companies and it gives us a chance to do something together not directly related to shoes,” said Tasha A. of Shoe Carnival.

Some volunteers even had a personal connection with the build. One volunteer who chose to remain anonymous, said that she was in a similar situation years ago. “To not have a home to raise your family in as a single mother is a very difficult thing, so I’m happy to be able to help someone who was in my situation because I know the importance of it.”

Overall, the fifteen volunteers stayed strong in 90 degree heat. Two Ten applauds the efforts of Shoe Carnival, as they continue to inspire people with their dedication to giving back. At the end of the day, a Timberland Pro employee summed it up perfectly, “It’s one way to do well by doing good.”