Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Justin

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Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Justin

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10 family pictures and a partially functioning computer is all we have left,” said Justin Keane, an Adidas employee whose family was displaced after intense flooding destroyed his home, leaving his family without life’s necessities and struggling to survive.

The storms that hit Florida in late April were the worst the state had seen in 130 years. “We had nowhere to go, nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep,” said Justin. “Without the urgent help and respect I got from the footwear community, I don’t know how we would have made it.”  After reaching out to Two Ten, Justin was expedited a check that he used to buy diapers for his kids and gas so he could get to work, along with the deposit on a new apartment. “People don’t realize what it takes to live every day; they take the small things for granted.”

Justin is working hard to get his life back on track.  He and his fiancée are hoping to still get married in October but there is lot of work left to do.  “You’ve got to move forward somehow,” Justin said, “this mess isn’t going to fix itself.”

He currently has five other families staying with him in his new apartment.  Without Justin, they would have nowhere else to go.  “I’ve helped out people before but I’ve never been on the receiving end and I’m now determined to pay it forward.”

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