Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Elizabeth

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Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Elizabeth

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“The shoe industry has taught me the value of hard work and the donors and folks at Two Ten have taught me that hard work pays off,” said Elizabeth Staplins.  The thirty-year-old, college sophomore may have started her college experience a little later than most, but a curious mind and a strong motivation to succeed ensure she will make the most of her educational opportunities.

“Before I went to school, I was working for Hush Puppies and at a family business,” saiQuote-Bubble-Liz-Staplinsd Liz.  “Every year I said I wanted to go back to school but every year it wouldn’t happen.” After a string of difficult, unexpected life events she decided to make a change.  “When we lost our home, I knew I needed to make something good out of a really bad situation.”  She saw a Two Ten scholarship poster in the back office at work and applied that day. “I’m so incredibly grateful.  The scholarship has opened up opportunities for me that I never thought I’d have.  Being able to focus on school is amazing.”

Liz is excited to begin her third semester.  She has aspirations of becoming a teacher and understands the long journey that lies ahead. “It will be worth it in the end,” says Liz.  “I want to get an education and better myself as a person.  I want work smarter, not harder.  I know I can do something amazing with my life, thanks to Two Ten.“

It’s never too late to continue your education and with a little help from the shoe industry, Liz is well on her way to achieving her goals. “I hope that someday I will be in a position to assist other people in the way you have assisted me,” said Liz, “and I hope you understand, that you have succeeded in changing my life in ways I never believed were possible.”