Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Jackie

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Real Shoe People. Real Shoe Stories. – Jackie

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Quotge-Bubble-jackie-whiteJackie White experienced the worst flooding Florida had seen in 130 years.  The 17-year veteran of the footwear industry needed emergency help when life-threatening water levels forced her and her husband out of their house with nowhere to turn.  All of her furniture, dry wall, appliances and clothing were destroyed; and to ad insult to injury, she had no flood insurance and FEMA hadn’t yet arrived on the scene.  Thankfully she knew she could call Two Ten.

“When I contacted John (a licensed social worker at Two Ten), he was very gracious and understanding and knew that the situation was urgent,” said Jackie, “He was very kind and was able to help me with a month’s house payment, electric bill and emergency cash for food.”

Jackie and her husband are still putting the pieces back together in their home, but she is grateful to be part of an industry that cares about their own.  “When in need, it’s amazing to know there are people who’ve got your back.”  They are determined to move forward and to let others who run into difficulties know that they can turn to Two Ten for help.