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Podcasts worth listening to.

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If you’re not listening to podcasts yet, it’s time to get started.  There are thousands of available podcasts that range from every imaginable topic, and they are easier to access than ever.  Available right on the podcast app on your phone, you can download and listen to a variety of shows.  Below, Two Ten created a list of our top ten favorite podcasts to listen to this year, to help the new, and refined listener, navigate the endless content available.

10. My Brother, My Brother, and Me
If you’re looking for a good belly-laugh, this is your podcast. The three McElroy brothers with the perfect comedic chemistry come together each week to answer questions sent to them or posted on the internet.


9. Joe Rogan Experience
The Joe Rogan Experience is just that, an experience. On every episode, this intellectual comedian brings on a new guest and dives into the field they represent, and engages them in difficult conversations. From philosophy to martial arts, you are sure to get an interesting and humorous listen when downloading JRE.


8. Up and Vanished
For the crime junkies who like a deep dive into missing people’s cases, this is the download for you. The first season covers the disappearance of a high school teacher turned cold-case over 10 years ago. The season started with an intended 6 episodes and ended with 24 episodes and an uncovering of evidence the police missed all those years ago. Get hooked with this true crime series.

7. Sword and Scale
Interested in true crime, but want a new story each episode? Then tune into Sword and Scale. Each episode dives into the criminal world, and more uniquely, the criminal mind. You will learn not just about crime, but about the psyche behind the perpetrator.


6. Last Podcast on the Left
For those who love true crime, but need the relief of humor, The Last Podcast on the Left beautifully twists the two. The Last Podcast on the Left brings you detailed research and hilarious outlooks from three comedic minds. It covers everything from serial killers to alien landings and will leave you educated, and laughing at their twisted sense of humor.


5. Ted Talks Daily
This podcast lets you take Ted Talks on the go. Hear fascinating talks on every idea imaginable, given from the brightest minds and thinkers of today.


4. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Dan Carlin’s passion and in-depth research bring what you slept through in history class to an exciting podcast you won’t want to stop listening to. Each episode keeps the listener enthralled, and Carlin’s delivery is a true masterpiece. If you’re interested in history, this is a must-listen.


3. Radiolab
This podcast is made for those out there who are truly curious. Radiolab is “devoted to investigating a strange world” and their episodes range from new medical procedures to artificial intelligence advances, all laid out in a well-produced, easily-digestible podcast.


2. The Daily
Want to start your day off with a 20-minute segment on the biggest headlines told by the best journalists in the world? If you’re looking for a quick jump to your morning, this is the best podcast to satisfy that need, ready at 6 am every weekday.


1.On Point
If you want to go “behind the headlines” and explore deeper issues, On Point provides a great podcast to educate yourself on the issues facing the world. Covering a wide array of topics, you can listen to this podcast walking home or while cooking dinner and feel more confident in your understanding of the world.