One Thing After Another

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One Thing After Another

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Urgent envelopeKaren* received financial assistance from Two Ten a few months ago, and was kind enough to share her story.

“We were facing a financial disaster. Soon after my husband learned he would need expensive surgery that would keep him out of work for months, our mortgage payments went through the roof. There was no way I could manage all the house and medical bills on my income alone. I really felt that there was no hope and feared we might lose our house.

While at work one day, I received an email from Two Ten reminding me of the many ways they help people in footwear, so I decided to call them after my shift. I was very nervous; I felt like I was asking for a handout, which puts you in a very vulnerable and scary position. My future felt like it was being decided by someone else, a stranger.

With a lump in my throat, I made the call and began to tell my story to the kind voice on the other end of the line. It was like she could tell that I was afraid. She began to explain to me the process and took her time to make sure that I was comfortable.

After several minutes of questions and answers, I was shocked when she told me that they were cutting me a check that day to help with my mortgage! No lengthy decision process, no “we’ll get back to you,” no “you don’t qualify.” Just a warm, caring person giving help that was needed, and way more help than I thought I would get.

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation is a wonderful organization. They have caring people there who will do what they can to help. I am so appreciative that their assistance was available to me, and I cannot thank them enough for the aid they gave me in my family’s darkest time.”

– Karen
*The name has been changed to protect the
recipient’s true identity.

Learn more about Two Ten’s Support Services or how you can make a donation to help change the lives of shoepeople in need.