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Make a Gift, Change a Life.

Categories: Community Stories

You never expect it to happen to your family. Until it does.

That’s exactly what happened to Carol*, the mother of three children and caregiver to her husband Frank, who was diagnosed with throat cancer in January 2016. After an aggressive treatment plan, Frank was in remission. Then, in early 2017, his cancer returned and Frank’s health quickly deteriorated.

Carol had to take a temporary leave from her footwear job to care for her husband as he recovered from emergency surgery to remove his voice box in December.

It gets worse.

Just before Frank’s surgery, Carol learned she only had 60 days remaining with insurance coverage. After that time, the family would be 100% responsible for all post-surgical treatment costs including x-rays, imaging tests, medication and more.

What would you do?

This year, up to 2,400 footwear employees and/or their spouses will receive a devastating cancer diagnosis.

But medical issues are only one of the many, many unplanned personal and financial hardships our footwear colleagues face every year.   Thankfully, no matter what the crisis is, they have Two Ten to turn to. And with your help, we’ll always be here for them.

With generous support from members of our footwear community like you, we have been able to deliver services and financial relief to individuals and families in need, but requests are coming in at an unprecedented rate, and we urgently need your help.

We’ve seen a 41 % INCREASE in relief calls and we’re currently on track to overspend our relief budget by almost $500,000. That’s why we are asking you to make a gift again today.

By making another gift, you ensure that every footwear family in crisis that calls Two Ten is able to receive the help they need.

Your gift will enable us to respond as quickly and generously as we can. Every request for help matters, and
every dollar counts.

Join us and know you will be making a meaningful difference in the lives of our colleagues.

The need is critical, and we can’t do this work without you. With your help, Two Ten will continue to help our colleagues, just as we have for 79 years.

Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to continue taking care of our own.

With heartfelt appreciation,


Neal Newman,
President, Two Ten Footwear Foundation

P.S.  An unexpected natural disaster or health scare can happen to anyone at any time – it’s not seasonal! By making a gift before June 30, you will be helping to ensure no footwear family in need is turned away.


Thank you. 

*Names in this story have been changed for confidentiality