Loving couple finds a new home.

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Loving couple finds a new home.

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Home sweet home signSally* received financial assistance from Two Ten a few months ago, and was kind enough to share her story.

“We have been very blessed throughout our fifteen years of marriage, but 2015 proved to be a real challenge for us. After my husband was hurt, it’s been hard for him to find a job he could do for any length of time.

With bills piling up, we were falling behind and with the winter months approaching, we found ourselves facing eviction. Homelessness was a real possibility.

Eventually I decided to confide in a co-worker who I share a ride to work with. He told me that Two Ten had helped his family last year when they were behind on their rent so I decided to call that day.

We turned to Two Ten and you enabled us to find a new home and live within our means.  The new place is just perfect and we are so very fortunate that someone was there to give us a hand when it looked like we were not going to have a home.

Words cannot express the gratitude for the opportunity we have been given to start again and do it on a level that is manageable and comfortable.

Thank you for what you do for those in need.  We could not have done any of this without you.”

* Name changed to protect her identity.