Learn about the 2015 Two Ten WIFI Scholars

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Learn about the 2015 Two Ten WIFI Scholars

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The Two Ten WIFI Scholarship, made possible by Foot Petals, has opened its application to alumni and current participants in the WIFI Mentoring Program.

Stacy and her mentor, Meghan.
Stacy and her mentor, Meghan.

This scholarship offers assistance with professional development to one or more WIFI mentees in pursuit of their professional goals. While we wait for this year’s applications to begin rolling in, we did a Q&A with Sara Blumenkranz, Kate Colley and Stacy Cail, the three amazing winners from last year.

What did you use your scholarship for?

Sara: “3D Printing for Photoshop…The Class gives tutorials on how to work on basic designs and turn them into a 3D object and finalize the object to have 3D printed.”

Kate: “This scholarship enabled me to take part in a study abroad course in Greece! I am current working towards my Masters in Business with a focus in Marketing. My experience in Greece was nothing short of amazing and I am extremely thankful for WIFI and Foot Petals.”

Stacy: “With the scholarship, I took one-on-one sessions on Vibrant Speaking with Judith Shahan, a local expert in coaching women for professional environments.”

What did you learn?

Kate: “While in Greece, my classmates and I were teamed up with local entrepreneurs who were trying to start their own business or launch a new product. My team and I were matched with two locals who wanted to start their own clothing line. This was a perfect match for me given my current role as a footwear sales rep. In the time leading up to our trip to Greece, my classmates and I were tasked with researching the marketplace and developing a business plan for the product launch. Once we arrived in Greece, we presented our plan to the rest of the class, as well as the founders of the company we were matched with.

I learned a lot while researching the competitive marketplace in Europe. Furthermore, I learned a lot about the apparel side of sales and marketing, which was very interesting and also enabled me to think deeper into the footwear side of the business. This project really got me to think about how much preparation goes into a new product launch. I have always been on the sales side of the business and being on the product side, even just for a school project, was very enlightening. Launching a new brand/product is a lot of work!”

Sara: “(I learned) to 3D design a variety of items such as a cup, plate, words or shapes that can be turned into anything you desire. This gives a great overview to learn the fundamentals of using Photoshop for 3D printing giving you the tools to further explore your own ideas.”

Stacy: “My goal was to receive the tips, tools and training needed to boost my speaking voice, overall persona and confidence to help continue my career advancements in the footwear industry.”

Tell us why WIFI is important to you.

Stacy: “WIFI is a great resource for networking and if anyone has the opportunity to attend an event at their local chapter they’ll surely agree the speakers are empowering. For me, the mentorship program was very valuable. My mentor, Meghan Cleary has a great attitude, super savvy and supportive.” (We agree Stacy)

Kate: “As you can tell, being a part of WIFI has been very beneficial to me. The mentor program is amazing (shout out to Andrea Kendall at Keds) and I would highly recommend taking advantage of this program if given the chance. In an industry that seems to be somewhat dominated by men, it is awesome to have an outlet to collaborate and connect with other women within our industry.”

We are honored to be able to support these amazing women and can’t wait to award the 2016 scholarships!
To contribute to the scholarship fund, please visit https://support.twoten.org/ and mark your gift as a tribute gift to the WIFI Scholarship.

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