The Last Comes First

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The Last Comes First

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ARSUTORIA School concentrates decades of industry experience into a fascinating five-day course that will change the way you work in footwear, regardless of what you do.

Last month, 35 designers, developers, engineers and costing specialists came to Boston to learn foundational elements of, and recent advancements in footwear material and manufacturing techniques.

“Everyone should be exposed to this information,” said Hommey Diaz, Global Product Director at K Swiss. “If they’re touching shoes in any capacity, they should take this class.”

Topics addressed during this intensive course include: fundamentals of shoe making, overview of design and pattern making, analysis of upper, middle and bottom components, leathers, textiles and synthetics, outsoles, last analysis, pattern making, fit issues, and tips and tricks to cut costs.

“Two Ten makes this class an option for anyone who wants to learn.” said Audrey Newbacher, a footwear designer from JC Penny who received a $2,500 Two Ten scholarship to attend the class.

The ARSUTORIA scholarship offering is one of the many ways that Two Ten helps to strengthen the footwear industry through education. The next class will be held September 11-15 in Waltham MA. To learn more about the program and to apply for a Two Ten Scholarship, please visit