L.I.F.T. – Inspiring the future of footwear.

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L.I.F.T. – Inspiring the future of footwear.

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LIFT LOGO 2Leaders In Footwear Tomorrow (LIFT) is a fresh approach to career development that will bring together influential, future leaders in footwear.  The new group was launched during MAGIC week at an a amazing party overlooking the Las Vegas strip, hosted by Lacoste Footwear. (pictures below)

LIFT is thoroughly unique in its mission. Evolving from the former YP210, LIFT’s goal is to help develop the footwear industry’s next generation of inspired leaders who will distinguish themselves and their companies, and work together to raise awareness and support for Two Ten.

With Dave Grange (President, Lacoste Footwear NA) and Danny Muskat (National Sales Manager, Deer Stags) as committee co-chairs, LIFT is organizing a unique series of events that will encourage conversation, curiosity and growth including leadership development seminars and programs, mentorships, fellowships, and social events.

Get involved with LIFT, expand your footwear horizons and make a difference. Head to www.twoten.org/lift or contact Joe Ingram at jingram@twoten.org to learn more.

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