In just four minutes, we lost everything.

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In just four minutes, we lost everything.

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house fire 3My husband smelled the smoke first and moved quickly through the house to identify the source. Moments later, our floors and walls were engulfed in flames in what’s called a flash fire. While we both made it out of the house safely, I realized that our two cats were still inside. Without thinking, I ran back in, found one of the cats – and tossed her to safety. Frantic, I ran back into the house a second time to find the missing cat, but the flames were everywhere. As I turned to leave, I saw my wedding dress hanging in the closet, scooped it up and left our home for the last time.

I’ve been asked why I saved the wedding dress and I don’t really have an answer. We were married just a year ago and I love the dress; in that moment – when I couldn’t find my other cat, my emotions simply overruled logic. Meanwhile, just inside the front door, my handbag along with identification, credit cards and Christmas money sat burning.

The front brick façade is all that remains of our house and the possessions it once contained. But we’re lucky. We got out alive and we are fortunate have the support of our friends who have opened their homes to us during this transition.

Over the years, my employer has worked hard to make sure that we all know about Two Ten Footwear Foundation and the resources that they provide the footwear community. While I never thought I’d need to call Two Ten, I found myself talking with John, one of the representatives trained to help people through difficult times. Not only did John provide me with external resources to tap into, but on behalf of the Foundation, he stepped right up and sent us a check to help us get back on our feet.

Situations like these test you in every possible way and regardless of how prepared you are, the unexpected can and will happen. Thankfully, our industry, the footwear industry, has Two Ten working for us.

– Kelly, Two Ten Client