It’s either the car or the house.

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It’s either the car or the house.

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Woman calling for help because of a car breakdownWe often receive letters from the many shoe people we work with each year.  Courtney received financial assistance from Two Ten a few months ago, and was kind enough to share her story.

“Two Ten changed my life in many ways. When my life was at its lowest as a single mother with mounting debt, my faith in humanity was crumbling. I was experiencing issue after unfortunate issue and I felt like there was nothing I could do to get ahead.

When my old car died, my life came to a halt and I was left without options – until my boss told me about the Two Ten Foundation. It was hard to believe that an organization that had never met me; and didn’t know the substance of my character, would be willing take care of a big expense for me without asking for anything in return.

Skeptical, I submitted my application and soon I received a call from John at Two Ten, to answer some questions to clarify my situation. John was understanding, compassionate, and 100% ready to help. I was shocked to learn that Two Ten was able to pay my rent for me so that I could use that money to replace my car engine. It brought me to tears and no amount of explanation could adequately convey my appreciation.

This is something I think about all the time and share with others. Thank you, Two Ten Foundation, for renewing my faith in people and in the world. You certainly made my life, and my son’s life, much better when we needed it the most.”

 – Courtney, Two Ten Client