Graduating debt free!

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Graduating debt free!

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Eric Armitage - 2015 Two Ten Scholar
Eric Armitage – 2015 Two Ten Scholar

This September Eric started his junior year at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, NY. Like many students, he is paying for college all on his own, and hates the idea of having to pay back college loans after school. But thanks to a good job in footwear and a Two Ten scholarship, Eric can focus on his future after he graduates, instead of constantly paying off the past.

A passion for sneakers brought him to Super Shoes, where he has worked as a Senior Associate for the last three years. The job gave him the ability to pay many of his school bills and also introduced him to the possibility of a Two Ten Scholarship that he immediately applied for. “The application was easy to fill out, almost like they wanted to make it easy for shoepeople to apply for it,“ said Eric. “It seemed almost too good to be true when I found out I was getting the scholarship.”

When he graduates, Eric plans on taking the CPA exam and starting his career in the tax field, unless of course he’s offered a lucrative recording contract. “Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to pay 100% out of pocket for my education and walk away with no student loans at all” said Eric. “I’ll be forever thankful to Two Ten and to the footwear industry for lending a hand to future generations.”

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