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Employee Giving

An Employee Giving Campaign is your opportunity to help fund the programs, services, and scholarships that benefit you, your coworkers and the footwear industry.

Through employee giving programs, associates are empowered to contribute to Two Ten in a meaningful and personal way. The simple act of giving connects employees to Two Ten’s mission and demonstrates their desire to help colleagues who are struggling to make ends meet. Two Ten relies on donations of all sizes to continue to provide services to the footwear community.

Do Good

More and more employees prefer to work for a socially responsible company. Your involvement with Two Ten Footwear Foundation will help attract new employees and improve employee satisfaction.

Be an Industry Leader

By partnering with Two Ten, you send a clear message to the rest of the industry that you are an integral member of a community that takes care of each other.

Create an Employee Giving Program

By implementing a Two Ten Employee Giving Program in your company, YOU are helping ensure we continue to provide assistance to footwear employees and their immediate families who are facing difficult times.

With your help, we can fulfill our mission of improving the lives and careers of footwear employees and their families.

We’ve put together information for you on best practices, tips, and advice for launching your company’s Employee Giving Program.


Footwear companies currently implementing a Two Ten Employee Giving Program: