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Current Donors

Two Ten Footwear Foundation is deeply grateful to the many companies, foundations, and individuals whose generous gifts make it possible for us to continue our critical mission to bring hope and opportunity to footwear families. We depend solely on the contributions and goodwill of the industry to help the thousands of footwear employees who need our assistance. A few of our donors are shown below and many more supporters are listed in the donor roll that follows.

Two Ten FY22 Donor Roll

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Two Ten was on the front line, answering unprecedented need among footwear families.

Two Ten Footwear Foundation has never been more relevant than during the COVID-19 pandemic, when 60% of US footwear employees across the industry were laid-off or furloughed. Almost overnight the total national workforce was reduced from 316,000 to 127,000.

Between March and October of 2020 we experienced an increase of 10X the number of emergency financial assistance applications and we awarded nearly $4M in relief grants to over 5,800 footwear families, more than doubling our average annual relief numbers.

During the pandemic, our team worked quickly to improve the application process and provide expedited assistance to meet the overwhelming industry demand, getting funds into the hands of those who needed it most as quickly as possible.

Thank you to all of the donors listed below, who contributed to the Two Ten COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund drive, helping to ensure that footwear families impacted by the pandemic could keep a roof overhead and food on the table.

COVID-19 Relief Fund