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Dear Footwear Colleagues,

In the wake of three, consecutive devastating hurricanes and a catastrophic wild fire in Northern California, thousands of our footwear colleagues are struggling to put their lives back together. Lost homes, lost cars, lost belongings and lost jobs are just some of the unimaginable challenges they are facing.

Two Ten Footwear Foundation has ready received more than 500 requests for emergency support and as families return to their homes and communities begin to rebuild, we only expect that number to rise and to surpass any natural disaster we’ve addressed in the past decade.

“We came home from a shelter to find our neighborhood destroyed from the hurricane and the flooding. There was five feet of water in our basement, and everything in the house was lost. My first thought was, ‘Where is our family going to go?’ And, like most people in Houston, we do not have flood insurance. With Two Ten’s help, we were able to get into a new apartment and buy some food and clothing.”

– The Powers Family*, October 2017

With generous support from our footwear community, we have been able to deliver services and financial relief to these individuals and families in crisis, but requests are coming in at an unprecedented rate and we need your help.

Please consider making a 100% tax deductible gift to ensure everyone in our footwear family impacted by the recent natural disasters will receive the care, support, and assistance they need. Your gift will enable us to respond as quickly and as generously as we can. Every request for help matters, and every dollar counts.

Join us and know you will be making a true difference in the lives of our colleagues. The need is urgent and we can’t do this work without you. No matter what the disaster, Two Ten will continue to help our colleagues, just as we have for 78 years. We hope you will help, too.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Neal Newman
President, Two Ten Footwear Foundation

P.S. Any footwear family can be like the Powers’ and every dollar counts when it comes to taking care of our colleagues. Your gift will help us deliver our services to those most in need.

*Names in this story have been changed for confidentiality