WIFI Mentoring Program – Mentor Application

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Thank you for your interest in the WIFI Mentoring Program! Please note: at this time we are not accepting applications.

The participant expectations outlined below are the result of an extensive review process intended to create the best match and overall experience.

Please read these parameters prior to filling out the application and check the box below indicating that you have read and understood them. It is imperative that all applicants are able to commit to the time requirements and expectations as listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: This application has 7 sections and you should allow yourself at least 30 minutes to complete. You might want to print the application and think about your answers before you submit the form, because you cannot stop half way through.

If you’d like to save your answers and come back to them later, click on Save and Continue later. This will prompt you to fill in your email address and you’ll receive a link so you can return to the page.

If you have questions please contact wifi@twoten.org


MENTOR: Applicants must have minimum of 3 years in the Footwear Industry in your area of discipline and a total of 10 years business experience

Please note that you cannot be a mentor and a mentee at the same time. We do not match mentees with mentors in their own company.

TIME REQUIREMENTS – This program will require at least 3 hours per month over the 12 months including talking and meeting as well as planning, reflecting, journaling or other prep work


1. Commitment of 12 months, with sessions averaging once per month.
2. Sessions lasting a minimum of 50 minutes—1 hour each.
3. First meeting to occur in person, or at least via Skype, within first month after match.
4. Within a year, each pair to meet in person at least 2-3 times.
5. After halfway point and upon completion of 12 month cycle, a process feedback survey to be completed and returned to the TwoTen WIFI Mentoring Committee for review.
6. Willingness from both parties to address the specific needs of each person from the start, in order to build a trustworthy, productive relationship and create a valuable experience for both mentee and mentor.
7. Ability to adhere to a Confidentiality Agreement regarding conversations that take place and information shared.
8. The relationship is meant to be a two-way street—learning and teaching are expected from both sides (i.e. not just advice flowing from mentor to mentee alone)