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Two Ten Professional Development Scholarships

Two Ten provides scholarships for professional development programs that enhance and empower your career in the footwear industry. Two Ten has partnered with some of the best educational resources in the footwear industry to bring you several opportunities to strengthen your career, regardless of background and focus. We are excited to offer scholarships and discounts for each course and encourage everyone to apply. The goal is to increase the knowledge base of footwear professionals and to develop future industry leaders.

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In an effort to enhance the careers of footwear employees, Two Ten sponsors students attending the 5-day intensive training program at ARSUTORIA.

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Pensole Footwear Design Academy

Supporting those dedicated to entering the footwear industry, Two Ten supports students to attend a 12-week intensive course at Pacific Northwest College of Art, taught by Pensole.

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FIT/Two Ten Certificate Scholarship Program

For those wanting to pursue continuing education, FIT and Two Ten have partnered to support students taking certificate programs in footwear.

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Next Generation Diversity Grants Program

Designed to support minority students in their journey to increase their knowledge in the world of footwear.

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