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Professional Development Grants

Two Ten Professional Development Grants are designed to empower employees and help employers retain knowledgeable, experienced professionals. The grants provide financial assistance to footwear employees who want to pursue job-focused skills training, obtain professional certifications or complete other types of professional development opportunities to advance their careers.

Currently, this program is prioritizing underrepresented employee populations, starting with women. Ultimately grants will be available to additional segments of the workforce, but the first wave of Opportunity Grant funding targets the Women in the Footwear Industry (WIFI) community. This reflects Two Ten’s commitment to helping more women move into leadership roles across the footwear industry as well as the fact that women were hit hard by pandemic disruptions. Female heads of households represented 70% of the hardship and crisis relief applications Two Ten processed in the past three years.

Two Ten has long offered college scholarships to footwear employees but the WIFI Professional Development Grant is a less time-intensive opportunity for busy working women to level up in key areas, from polishing their communications skills to earning Microsoft certificates to completing a professional certification.


About the WIFI Professional Development Grants

  • How much is the grant? Awards will vary based on the professional development opportunity approved.
  • What does the grant cover? Tuition and fees for an online, self-paced course deemed relevant to an applicant’s desired career path in the footwear industry. There is also an option to receive a stipend to help with the cost of child care or elder care while studying.
  • Is the grant needs-based? The grant is not need-based. Eligibility for a child care or elder care stipend is income-based.
  • Who is eligible? If you identify as a woman, are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, and have worked in the footwear industry for at least 12 months you can apply for a WIFI grant. You need not be an active member of the Two Ten WIFI community (though we hope you’ll consider joining footwear colleagues at a local or national WIFI event).
  • Are there any other requirements? Applicants for WIFI grants will need to complete pre- and post- consultations with a career coach. An applicant will be matched with a coach and must speak with the coach prior to receiving a grant. Upon course completion, grant recipients must have a follow-up conversation with their coach.
  • What courses are offered? Applicants can select from a list of recommended online courses offered by a variety of colleges and universities or they can propose a course that’s not listed by providing some details about the online learning opportunity they want to pursue and how it will help them in their footwear career.
  • Can I use the grant to complete a degree program? The grant may be used for a course leading to a professional certification but it is not intended to cover costs related to an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • When can I apply? Applications will open for the first time on December 1, 2022. After that, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. If you’d like to refer any colleagues to this program, nominate them for a grant now. They’ll receive information about the program and will be notified when applications open. You can also nominate yourself and we’ll send you a reminder when applications open.
  • How do I nominate someone? Visit
  • How often can I apply for a grant? WIFI grant recipients who’d like to take another course through this program will be able to apply for another grant, but not until 3 months after they’ve completed their previously approved course. Returning applicants must also demonstrate successful completion of their previously approved course.