Eligibility Requirements

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  • Employees must be working in the footwear and/or allied industries for a minimum of two (2) years to be eligible for financial assistance.
  • Anyone who has worked the majority of his/her life in the footwear and/or allied industries is eligible for financial assistance.
  • If you have previously received financial assistance from Two Ten in the past 24 months, you are not eligible for additional assistance. However, emergency or crisis situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • All members of the footwear community are eligible for counseling and information and referral services regardless of length of employment.
    • Counseling is provided over-the-phone by licensed, professional social workers who can help address issues like family crises, substance or domestic abuse, depression, and chronic illness.
    • Our social workers can also provide you with information and hep you access resources within your community to assist you through tough times.

To download a PDF of our Support Services Eligibility Requirements, please click here.

During the application process, you will be required to submit various forms of paperwork. The fastest way to complete your application is to make sure that the paperwork you submit is of good quality. For your convenience, we have gathered samples of numerous bills (car loans, mortgage statements, insurance, utilities, etc.) that show what information is required and where on your statements you can find this information.

Car Insurance

Allstate Paperless Ebill Example

Utility Bills

Electric Residential Bill example

Mortgage Payments

Mortgage Bill example

Rental Agreement

Car Loan