Footwear Symposium leads renaissance of shoemaking

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Footwear Symposium leads renaissance of shoemaking

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IMG_55043D printing is making it possible for anyone to create almost anything with the push of a button. Almost.

For those of us enamored by the art of traditional shoe making, technology can never replace a skilled pair of hands and a beautiful piece of leather. Thankfully, there is a resurgence if the field of high quality, hand crafted footwear – ensuring that this true art form is never lost .

This year, the inaugural Footwear Symposium is bringing together like minded, passionate cordwainers from all over the world to promote and preserve the fine crafts of shoe and boot making.

Until now individuals have only connected on the Shoemaking Forum, but with over 5,600 members there is clear evidence of the thirst for shoemaking knowledge and the willingness of thousands of shoemakers to share and preserve ancient and modern techniques.

Experienced craftsmen will be present to answer questions and help guide those that are seeking to refine their skills and gain further knowledge.  Come be a part of a new movement in a long tradition. The inaugural Footwear Symposium is happening in Ashland, Oregon June 19-21, 2015. Learn more at