Footwear Cares Volunteer Spotlight

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Footwear Cares Volunteer Spotlight

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Michael Chinchar, Brooks Running

When Footwear Cares month kicks off this April, more than 7,000 volunteers from over 100 footwear companies will spend thousands of hours giving back to their communities.  Every volunteer has a reason.

Michael Chinchar has a passion for living well and ensuring wellness in others. As Corporate Responsibility Analyst at Brooks Running, he’s committed to what really matters: the long-term well-being of people, the planet, and our role in nurturing both.  Next month, he’ll be volunteering at Camp Korey in Washington, where the Brooks team will help children and families living with serious medical conditions.

On being a part of the Footwear Cares initiative:
“Footwear Cares is an amazing opportunity to connect our volunteering efforts with the great work other footwear companies are also doing.  It was exciting to see Brooks,  Amazon Fashion and Two Ten employees working together to give back to our local community at our event last year.”

On volunteering:
“I find that volunteering is a great opportunity to connect with others: groups within the company you might not normally interact with; people within your community who might need help; and other volunteers from around the community who share your passion for giving back.

Most of my volunteer work has focused on getting a good pair of shoes on the feet of someone who really needs them.  It is an inspiring experience to see how a well-fitting pair of shoes can light up a person’s face and turn their day around.  Additionally, I love the possibility that a good pair of shoes can provide: whether is it the ability to reach a fitness goal, finally feeling like you fit in at school, or just having a pair of shoes that offer you the support you need without being riddled with holes.”

On community service at Brooks:
“Inspiring everyone to run and be active is imbedded in our DNA here at Brooks.  Whether a project involves building trails or fitting people for a free pair of shoes, employees take great pride in being able to give back and to help provide the means for others to run and be active.”

Brooks Running Volunteer Team

About Footwear Cares.
Now in its fourth year, Footwear Cares partners with local, regional and national charitable nonprofits to develop unique volunteer opportunities for footwear industry employees across the country. This year the initiative will focus on helping disadvantaged children by distributing new shoes and hosting events, programs and activities that will benefit the most vulnerable in our communities.  The 2016 campaign will include working with child-centric nonprofits like Children’s Trust and Shoes That Fit, in addition to food pantries, after school programs and more.

To sign your company up for Footwear Cares, e-mail Maureen Rubino at

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