“Everything around me was sinking.”

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“Everything around me was sinking.”

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Darlene’s* 22 year old daughter lived in a ground level apartment that was quickly filling with water. She was alone and desperate for a way out as the torrential rains continued to pound South Carolina. “Nobody was prepared for what we experienced,” said Darlene, “I had to get her out of there.”

An hour later, Darlene and her daughter began the hazardous journey back to Darlene’s. But, just two blocks from her house, they were overwhelmed by the flood as their car started to float, spin and fill up with water. “We tried to get out but the water forced the doors closed and I started to panic as I can’t swim,” Darlene recalls. Working as a team, Darlene and her daughter were finally able to escape through a window and make their way to safety as they watched the car float away.

With little money and no way to get to work, she talked to her District Manager who referred her to Two Ten. “We were able to get her a check so that she could rent a car and put food in the fridge,” said Jestina Walcott, Two Ten’s Director of Social Services. “Unfortunately, she is just one of many footwear employees calling in from South Carolina with nowhere else to turn.”

Two weeks later, Darlene and her daughter are still drying out and slowly getting back to normal. “Two Ten is a blessing,” said Darlene, “They kept me afloat, when everything around me was sinking.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.