Don’t get spooked by mid-terms!

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Don’t get spooked by mid-terms!

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The jack-o-lanterns are out, the cobwebs are up, trick-or-treating is almost here. Before the celebrations can start, the scariest nights of the year must first come to pass, Mid-Terms! Don’t worry, we’ve created a small list of ways for you to survive this year.

Tips for Surviving Mid-Terms:

  1. Take a quick break. Staring at your laptop with writer’s block just wastes time. Get up, take a walk, and listen to a podcast. Removing yourself from the topic for thirty minutes will bring you back with a fresh outlook and new energy.
  2. Get some sleep. You need at least 7 hours, get them as often as you can. You will work more efficiently if you are well rested, and you will spend less time editing your sleepy writing.
  3. Get your calories this week. You retain more information if you eat well, so don’t start your juice cleanse today. Don’t skip your meals, get your study snacks, and your grades will thank you.
  4. Pace yourself. You can’t do it all in one night, so stop putting it off. Assign times to study for each class, and keep to it. If you do it right the first time, you won’t have to spend more time on extra credit making up for your procrastination.
  5. When they’re all done, celebrate Halloween! These are the years to go all out on your costumes, so go to your local thrift store, be creative, and enjoy the fact that your midterms are over!