Disruption at the 2015 HR Leadership Summit

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Disruption at the 2015 HR Leadership Summit

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The HR Leadership Committee (HRLC) put together another successful HR Leadership Summit this year, titled: Disruptors Change the Game.

We’ve all heard the word disruption used in a negative way, but what if disrupting the current process really means radically improving the way that your team or company works?

Keynote speaker and Disruption Agent, Laurie Coots, defined disruption for the audience.

This was followed by a presentation on footwear and apparel trends by Beth Goldstein of the NPD Group and an expert panel discussion featuring Tina Aldatz of Savvy Traveler, Stu Agtsteribee of 3D Results, Rachael Schnell of Foot Locker and Chris Beresford-Hill of BBDO.

After a casual lunch, the afternoon included a millennial panel moderated by Nancy Russo of The NPD Group, with Rebecca Vega, Tim Swann, and Yemi Faloku of The NPD Group, as well as Mark Smith of Ralph Lauren, Jenae Green of Calvin Klein and Michaela Ross and Neil Franzese of Foot Locker. There was a discussion period after the panel, as well as a raffle drawing to benefit Two Ten.

Special thanks to the HR Leadership Committee chaired by Dawn Erickson of Rockport and Evelyn Ross of Foot Locker. Thank you to summit sponsors Foot Locker, Rockport and Farylrobin. Special thanks to Footwear Plus and Footwear News.

Click here to view photos of the event.

Click here to see how you can get more involved with Two Ten and the HRLC.

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